Buying your home

Tips for Buying your Home

When you begin to search for property for sale in St. Louis, you’ll find no better partner than a Jose Ponce Realty Group real estate agent. Each real estate agent is dedicated to helping you find the home of your dreams as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether you’re buying a new home in a different neighborhood or relocating your family to St. Louis.

To make the home buying process even easier, Jose Ponce has provided a variety of home buying tips created by REALTOR® Magazine Online. Each one covers important information regarding choosing the right real estate agent, finding the best property for your family and protecting your finances along the way.

Our step-by-step approach to service

Your Jose Ponce agent will guide you through every step of the home buying process, from identifying properties which meet your criteria to negotiating the sale, navigating the contract contingencies and ultimately closing on your new home! Here is our step-by-step process:


Our first step in assisting you is to listen. Our agents want to hear from you the characteristics of a home and neighborhood that you desire. The price range and the desired proximity to home, schools, places of worship are important factors. Special needs or community support should be considered early.


Your Jose Ponce agent can assist you with recommending reputable mortgage bankers and lenders. We are strictly independent; we do not have a business interest or ownership stake in any mortgage brokerage or any related service providers. A pre-approval letter will make your home buying process smoother and your contract more appealing to the seller.

Buyer Agency

Your agent will disclose the ways in which you are entitled to work with your Realtor. Jose Ponce offers buyer agency for the highest level of fiduciary care.

Home Finding Visit

Your agent will meet you at a predetermined location to escort you to properties which meet your desired criteria. As you visit properties, make notes about your likes and dislikes. Communicate those to your agent, as well as any changes or adjustments you make.

Early Bird Information

If you do not find a home on your first visit, your buyer’s agent can register you to receive MLS properties directly to your email immediately after they are entered as a listing. Additionally, your Jose Ponce agent will inform you about any “coming attractions” that have not been made public. We meet every Tuesday morning to discuss our listings as well as report upcoming listings, so that our clients are the first to be informed.

The Purchase Process, CMA

When you find your dream home, your buyer’s agent will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to reveal the sale prices of comparable homes. This will form the basis of your offer and help your agent negotiate for the lowest price possible.


Your Jose Ponce agent is licensed to complete a Residential Sale Contract, prepared by the St. Louis Association of Realtors and Missouri Bar Association. Price, earnest money, finance and appraisal terms, inspection contingencies, title investigation and closing date are all important considerations. Your buyer’s agent will negotiate on your behalf to arrive at the most favorable terms for you.


Your agent will assist in scheduling inspectors of your choice. Environmental, termite, building/structural inspections are recommended. Your agent will accompany you on the inspection and negotiate items that you want repaired or need replacement prior to closing.

Loan Commitment, Insurance, Title and Survey

You will complete your mortgage application process and contact your home owner’s insurance provider. Your lender should accompany you and your agent to closing. Jose Ponce closing manager will order a title examination and survey of your choice.


A few days prior to closing, your agent will schedule a “walk through” for you to observe the property condition for a final time. Your agent will arrange for the utilities to be transferred to your name and for keys to be delivered to you. Jose Ponce closing manager will contact you a few days prior to closing with your final closing instructions.


Uncork your champagne and welcome to your St. Louis home!

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